ChiLiving, the parent company of ChiWalking® & ChiRunning®, has numerous resources at


Chi Gong classes are taught out of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Hendersonville. They are most Wednesdays at 4pm or 5pm.  The instructors ask for a $3.00 donation.

I attended a T'ai Chi Class in East Asheville in the fall.  Currently the class meets at 8am on Sunday mornings at the East Asheville Community Center.

Community Resources

Hendersonville Acupuncture Center  is a great wellness center. Located at 220 3rd Ave E, Hendersonville - (828) 692-9090 

Western North Carolina Green Building Council

A great resource for green building, renovations, energy saving tips and even

options for replacing heat pumps. I am working on figuring the last one out myself.

Also they  have a local carbon footprint offset program, Applachian Offsets.  Please

visit the website to learn lots more.

Food Resources

My husband and I are making the transition to have the majority of our food be locally grown. We attended the Organic Growers School on March 8th in Hendersonville.  I wanted to share some of the websites of the presenters at the school.

Chip Hope did a presentation on heirloom tomatos and herbs.   He owns a business operated out of Burnsville, NC called Appalachian Seeds.  The website is extremely informative and details what is available other than heirloom tomatos and herbs.  His farm grows certified naturally grown food.  Please read on his site for more information.

My husband and I have joined a community supported agriculture program for the season. They use integrated pest management techniques. For the website click Cane Creek Community Supported Agriculture 

At Hickory Nut Gap Farm you will find animals raised in their natural outdoor environment. Pigs in the woods, cows on pasture eating grass and clover, multiple species grazing together, drinking clean spring water and living the good life. We now have access to over 200 acres of pasture and therefore increasing the number of livestock we will raise this year. It is an exciting time to be a grass farmer in Western North Carolina.  

Visit Hickory Nut Gap Farm 

Fair Trade Teas  Owned by fellow Montana Conservation Corpsmember based in Nashville, TN.  Since 2001, Fair Trade Teas has been linking tea growers with tea lovers to improve the lives of both.